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GTA V + Online / GTA V - Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1
« on: June 10, 2015, 03:32:59 PM »

Here’s the full list of patch notes for the latest Grand Theft Auto V update, which is labelled as 1.27 (note: PC-only patch notes have been omitted):

New Content (All Platforms)

    Four new vehicles have been added to Legendary Motorsports for Story Mode and GTA Online: Pegassi Osiris, Albany Virgo, Benefactor Stirling GT, and Enus
    Two new vehicles have been added to Elitas Travel for Story Mode and GTA Online: the Buckingham Luxor Deluxe and the Buckingham Swift Deluxe.
    All new vehicles are available to purchase immediately in Story Mode on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and in GTA Online for all platforms and are depositedstraight into the players’ relevant vehicle storage properties in Story Mode for Xbox 360 and PS3.
    The Combat PDW has been added to Ammu-Nation for Story Mode and GTA Online.
    The Combat PDW unlocks in Story Mode as the player progresses through the flow on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, is available immediately in Story Mode for Xbox 360, PS3 and is available to purchase in GTA Online for all platforms.
    15 new tattoos have been added to the Tattoo Parlors for both Male and Female characters in GTA Online.
    Hundreds of new clothing items, including new designer outfits and accessories have been added to the Clothes Stores for Male and Female characters in GTA Online.
    Alternative livery designs for the Enus Windsor are available in the Respray section in Los Santos Customs for Story Mode and GTA Online.

New Content (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Luxurious interior activities have been added in GTA Online for passengers in the Luxor Deluxe and Swift Deluxe and are available in first person. Activities available are:

    Drinking Champagne (Both)
    Smoking Cigars (Luxor Deluxe)
    Browsing Internet (Swift Deluxe)

Luxury Engravings have been added for a selection of weapons & attachments forStory Mode and GTA Online.

    Yusuf Amir Luxury Finish is available for the following weapons: Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Pistol, SMG, Marksman Rifle, and Micro SMG.
    Gilded Gun Metal Finish is available for the following weapons: Advanced Rifle, AP Pistol, Sawed Off Shotgun
    Etched Wood Grip Finish is available for the Heavy Pistol and Sniper Rifle.
    Platinum Pearl Deluxe Finish is available for the Pistol .50.

New Features/Updates

    All of the vehicle websites have been re-designed on all platforms. The sales page for each vehicle has also been updated for all vehicles excluding bicycles on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
    A Friends in Session option has been added to the On Call phone menu in GTA Online. This allows a player to auto invite all friends in session to the Job they are On Call for. Accepting these invites will place their friends On Call too.
    Better feedback is now given to hosts and players in a lobby as to what is happening with auto-invites.
    The Clothes and Tattoo shop menus have been re-organised. There are now more menu options and the newest items will appear on the top in each category.
    The Karin Technical now comes with bulletproof tires when ordered from Pegasus.
    Flashing help text is now displayed for non-host players on the Job settings screen if the Criminal Mastermind challenge would reset because of the difficulty setting the host has chosen.
    The Crew Challenge playlists have been removed.
    Additional methods have been added to complete the “Bribe the Cops and cause havoc” Daily Objective.
    Vehicles with topless variants now have the option to add or remove the vehicle roof in Los Santos Customs. Sale prices of these vehicles have been rebalanced in line with this change.
    When calling in an Airstrike, a jet range indicator now appears to show how far away the jet is. Once the jet is nearby, the indicator will turn red.
    Fixed an issue where award T-shirts were not unlocking properly.
    Some weapon rebalancing tweaks have been made based on community feedback. The MG and the Combat MG have increased damage, and the Assault Shotgun is now less effective at longer ranges.
    The hook of the Cargobob can no longer lift the vehicles of players in passive mode.
    Added the ability to cycle between targets when using lock-on missiles (such as Buzzard missiles or the Homing Launcher).

New Features/Updates (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    First person Vehicle Hood Cam (already in PC) has been added for Xbox One and PS4.
    More accessories have been added to the Interaction Menu in GTA Online. Players can now change their Watches, Chains and Earrings from the Accessories section in the Interaction Menu.
    Vanilla Unicorn dancers are now topless for private dances on Xbox One and PS4 in GTA Online.
    Improvements to controller rumble strength.
    The number of dancers at Vanilla Unicorn in GTA Online has increased to match Story Mode.

General/Miscellaneous Fixes (All Platforms)

    Fixed numerous exploits in GTA Online.
    Fixed an issue where the Heist Loyalty challenge would improperly reset when going from a 2 player to a 4 player Job.
    Fixed an issue where invites on the Job List show up as coming from the same person even though the invites are coming from different players.
    Fixed an issue where stunt jumps that had previously been completed weren’t being counted towards the “Complete a Stunt Jump” Daily Objective.
    Fixed an issue where players’ chains were disappearing from their necks when launching a Heist.
    Fixed several issues where players were seen falling through the apartment when accepting an invite to a Heist or during apartment cutscenes on a Heist.
    Fixed an issue where players couldn’t access another player’s personal vehicles even though their vehicle access setting allowed it.
    Fixed an issue where players see themselves falling through the Velum just before the Prison Break Finale cutscene.
    Fixed an issue where the hacking minigame would stall if the player launches their mobile phone at the same time as interacting with the panel.
    Fixed an issue where the Prison Break Heist didn’t fail when blowing up the prison bus.
    Fixed an issue where a player could see another player’s body dropping from the table into the drinking position during the final cutscene of the Heist.
    Fixed an issue where players start a Job in a vehicle would sometimes be stuck and unable to move.
    Fixed several issues with character’s appearances changing after a migration.
    Fixed an issue where players could lose control of their characters when going out of bounds during a Versus Mission.
    Fixed an issue where players would not be told to lose their wanted level, even though other players were unable to progress (because they had to wait for the local player to lose their wanted level).
    Fixed an issue where players could fall through the world at the army base after committing suicide on a Job.
    Fixed an issue where personal vehicles were spawning on top of each other outside player’s apartments.
    Fixed an issue where the player’s currently equipped armour was lost when joining a new session or when migrating from another saved profile.
    Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on a white or black screen when finishing The Fleeca Job: Scope Out.
    Fixed an issue where one player was spawning far away from the other player and had no vehicle when launching a One on One Vehicle Deathmatch.
    Fixed an issue where robbing a store while another player is browsing snacks can cause their game to become unresponsive.
    Fixed an issue where the incorrect Marshall Country livery was being delivered.
    Fixed an issue with major traffic build up at intersection which was causing explosions.
    Fixed an issue where spectators were disconnecting at the end of a Job.
    Fixed an issue where characters imported from 360 or PS3 (which hadn’t been updated since the Beach Bum Pack) to Xbox One or PS4 lost all their purchased garage vehicles.
    Fixed some issues where players were being kicked from a player’s apartment when trying to join a Heist Setup Mission.
    Fixed an issue where players could get temporarily stuck in their garage after quitting a lobby while in an apartment.
    Fixed an issue with blips remaining on the Trackify App.
    Fixed an issue with the Snapmatic grid remaining on screen if the camera is used after the circuit board hacking minigame.
    Fixed an issue where the player had limited functionality accessing their Inventory in the Interaction Menu after successfully hacking a terminal outside the vault door.
    Fixed an issue where players who transferred both 360 and PS3 platforms to Xbox One and/or PS4 couldn’t transfer again to PC.
    Fixed an issue where the Hooded Jacket could be worn with the hood up without a mask.
    Fixed an issue where players would get stuck when there were server issues while joining a new session and the player had outstanding cross-session invites that needed displaying.
    Fixed an issue where balaclavas on GTA Online characters in Director Mode clip through the character’s face.
    The change gender option has been removed from the Character Creator if the player chooses to edit their character’s appearance or access the Creator following a migration.
    The police station back door is now locked in GTA Online.
    The rollercoaster no longer appears invisible when viewing it from a distance.
    Fixed an issue that can lead to unpopulated sessions and sessions with just one player.
    Fixed various issues which caused body parts to become invisible.
    Fixed an issue which caused t-shirt designs to appear over saved outfits.
    Fixed an issue which caused players to lose played Jobs from the Recently Played Jobs list.
    Fixed an issue which allowed players on the Prisoner team to buy weapons during the Prison Break Heist.
    Fixed various issues with incomplete / incompatible outfits.
    Fixed an issue which caused the aircraft carrier to incorrectly appear in GTA Online.
    Fixed issues which caused certain horns to be incorrectly priced in Los Santos Customs.
    Fixed an issue with Depth of Field in Snapmatic.
    Fixed an issue which prevented players from selling the Mesa.
    Fixed an issue which caused Parachute Bags to become Duffel Bags.
    Fixed an issue with the behavior of RPGs in water.
    Players in the Creator will no longer receive a wanted level when testing their Jobs.
    Fixed an issue which caused players to drop parachutes in the Saved Outfits menu.
    Fixed an issue which caused loss of player control when entering the garage.
    Fixed an issue which prevented players from changing license plates on some vehicles.
    Fixed an issue which caused Heist pay-out cuts to display a negative value.
    Fixed an issue which caused placed weapons to be replaced with pistols in the LTS creator.
    Fixed an issue which caused parachute smoke trails to reset.
    Fixed an issue with the Mesa’s roof options.
    Fixed an issue which caused the Armored Kuruma’s doors to be too vulnerable to sniper fire.
    Fixed an issue which caused players whose teammates disconnected to count as having passed a Heist.
    Fixed an issue which caused the driving and stealth stats to switch while viewing player stats in the lobby.
    Vehicles will now deform appropriately on PS4, Xbox One, and PC when smashed with bats or other melee weapons.
    Fixed an issue with Lifeinvader discounts on Warstock Cache and Carry.
    Fixed an issue which prevented Heist invites being sent following the disconnection of a player.
    Fixed an issue with radar blips in Survivals. Previously, if you died in a Survival and chose to spectate a teammate, their blip on the radar would remain wherever the previous round ended and not properly follow the player.
    Fixed an issue with the logo on the Declasse Voodoo’s steering wheel.
    Fixed an issue which caused the trunk to disappear on the Coquette Classic Topless.
    Fixed an issue which caused drunkenness to persist at the start of each round of an LTS.
    Fixed an issue with dynamic props which caused the Creator to return to the main menu.
    Fixed an issue with certain vehicles where players could not destroy the windshields from the inside.
    Game invites will no longer be lost for players that transition from GTA Online to Story Mode while the invite is being sent.
    Fixed an issue where players could not enter the Prison Bus because of bus positioning.
    Fixed an issue where NPCs set on fire by an explosion would not scream or writhe when on the ground.
    Fixed an issue where incorrect audio effects would play when firing suppressed weapons from the side of a helicopter in first person view.
    Fixed an issue where the reload animation of the Flare Gun could playback incorrectly when the player is behind low cover.
    Fixed an issue with explosions triggering incorrectly when shooting a Sticky Bomb held by a friendly player.
    Fixed an issue that caused duplicate Dynasty 8 signposts to appear when owning multiple apartments within Eclipse Towers.
    Fixed an issue where an incorrect error message regarding profile permissions would sometimes appear when joining another player’s created Job.
    Fixed an issue with the suspension height on low profile cars being incorrect when respawning during a race.
    Fixed an issue that caused incorrect member information to display when browsing non-active Crews on the pause menu.
    Fixed an issue where players were incorrectly able to send session invites to party members when in a Solo Session.
    Fixed an issue with lit gas trails from the Jerry Can rendering incorrectly in GTA Online.
    Fixed issue where certain scenes in the GTA Online introduction would not render correctly.
    Fixed several issues that caused roads to appear empty in GTA Online sessions.
    Fixed an issue that caused parked cars to incorrectly spawn during races when traffic was turned off.
    Fixed an issue where rewards from completing Daily Objectives would not appear in the player’s Maze Bank transaction history.
    Fixed a crash caused by invalid names on the GTA Online character selection screen.
    Fixed a crash that had a rare chance of occurring during Golf in GTA Online.
    Fixed an issue that caused some players to be split into different sessions after completing a Heist Setup Mission.
    Fixed an issue during the Pacific Standard Finale that caused the interior of the bank to render incorrectly.
    Fixed an issue that would cause aircraft helmets to sometimes appear when the ‘Auto Show Aircraft Helmet’ option in the Interaction Menu was set to ‘Off’.
    Fixed an issue which caused some players to get stuck on the transition screen after certain Heist Setup Missions.
    Fixed an issue that caused the reticule of the HVY Insurgent’s mounted gun to be slightly misaligned in first person view.
    Fixed an issue where the ‘Featured Playlist’ loading option would sometimes incorrectly send the player to GTA Online instead of the playlist lobby.
    Fixed issues with animations playing incorrectly on female GTA Online characters wearing high heels.
    Fixed an issue where a lobby host was not able to invite others from “From Last Job” and “From Current Session” screens in Job lobbies.
    Fixed an issue with animations when switching weapons and blind firing at the same time whilst behind cover.
    Players can now place Points of Interest without issue in GTA Online and Story Mode.
    Fixed an issue where muting another player wouldn’t carry over between multiple GTA Online sessions.
    Fixed an issue where the player was unable to view the Friends menu correctly in the Pause Menu.
    Fixed an issue where the Invite from Friends List menu would show an incorrect prompt if the player has no friends.
    Fixed an issue where incorrect button prompts were displayed on the Social Club sign in page.
    Fixed an issue where loading screen help text would not display in the correct location.
    Fixed an issue where the depth of field effect would render incorrectly when switching between targets.
    Fixed an issue where players were not able enter the van during the Series A Finale.
    Fixed an issue with player ranks appearing incorrectly when comparing stats in a lobby menu.
    Fixed an issue where the “Expanded Radar” setting would reset to “Off” when changing sessions in GTA Online

Mod Showcase / GTA V - Classic GTA Intro Video
« on: June 03, 2015, 02:04:21 PM »
! No longer available

Classic GTA Logo and sound pops up in place of GTA V police sirens flashing.

To install place the rockstar_logos.bik into - update/update.rpf/x64/movies

Mod Showcase / GTA V - San Andreas Intro Video
« on: June 02, 2015, 10:55:42 PM »

San Andreas Intro that replaces the annoying and long cop car lights flashing R* intro.

To install place the rockstar_logos.bik into - update/update.rpf/x64/movies

Mod Showcase / Re: GTA V - Smartphone Expansion
« on: May 31, 2015, 11:28:54 PM »
Update 1.0.1:

- Droid X2 Phone added
- 6 San Andreas Wallpapers added
- Purple phone face added
- Transparent Icons for Franklins phone added
- Wallpapers size fix

Mod Showcase / GTA V - Smartphone Expansion
« on: May 31, 2015, 01:32:40 PM »

Smartphone Expansion adds tons of wallpapers, real life new phones, new phone colors, phone color combos, and more!

- 9 Android related wallpapers in total so far
- iPhone related wallpapers (more coming soon)
- HTC One M9 For Trevor (blue based for now, red coming soon)
- Bundled with Color Expansion Mod 1.1 (Required)

Plenty more features coming soon when I get time. :D I hope you enjoy, if you don't see what you want right away, just request or wait, since I'm prolly already making it ;)

Mod Showcase / GTA V - Phone Color Expansion MOD
« on: May 28, 2015, 07:38:11 PM »


Adds full white and black phones to GTA V + Expands the color palette with more colors and rich vivid vanilla colors.
*Currently only for Michael and Franklin, I have something special in the works for Trevor coming soon!


- True White and Black Phones for Michael and Franklin
- More colors for your phone (Yellow, Turquoise, Brown, Neon Green, Lime Green, Mocha, etc)
- Color enhancements for the vanilla palette
- Multiple palettes to choose from that allow you to mix and match your themes in the phone and phone physical color

Mod Showcase / GTA IV Mods by Tarhumuk
« on: May 25, 2015, 02:50:26 PM »
These are my classic mods I made for GTA IV, I always meant to make more but never did get more time unfortunately, this time around with GTA V it wont be the case. Anyone wanting to bang around in GTA IV again might like some of what I had made...

The list in full:

Halloween Mobile - 2.0 -
Halloween Mobile Theme 1 -
Ryda Helm Mod 1.0 -
W-F*uck-Off Radio -
Psychopathic Mobile Theme -

Mod Showcase / Watch_Dogs Droid X UI Mod
« on: May 15, 2015, 04:36:09 AM »

Droid X UI BETA 1.0.2 for the Profiler App in AIdens Phone.This makes your profiler app  & phone UI look and feel like an Android smartphone, changes map icons, and crosshairs. This current BETA is the red version, more colors and schemes coming soon.


- Profiler app is alot more interesting with an actual phone background now (more coming soon)
- Crosshair upgrades
- Map icons color changes
- Phone UI CTOS logo changed to Android logo
- Profiler Reticle (Crosshair) Enhanced so you can actually see it now
- Profiler indicator switched to Droid X logo
- Red background in profiler text
- Overall profiler graphics changes
- Many More features coming soon!

Check the video links to see it in action plus screenshots of course.
Video DEMO

Starbound / April 21st – [STABLE] Update Notes
« on: May 02, 2015, 04:53:39 PM »


    Players can now save planet locations in the cockpit navigation interface
    Select a planet, then select ‘Add Bookmark’ to bookmark it
    Select a bookmarked planet from the list to set it as your navigation target


    Players can now place and register teleporters on planets
    Interact with a teleporter to add it to your list of registered destinations, which you can return to from any other teleporter
    Can also be used to teleport directly to party members
    Find Teleporter Cores in the world
    New Outpost store, the 2-Stop Teleshop, lets you use a Teleporter Core to create various types of teleporters to suit your style
    Breaking a teleporter destroys it, but refunds the Teleporter Core
    Outpost store includes a teleporter you can register for easy access to the outpost


    After logging out, players will be returned to the place in the world where they left (rather than back on the ship)
    Mission dungeons will persist for 10 minutes after all players have left, allowing continuation of a mission after dying
    Mission dungeons now have teleporters at the entrance and exit, should help clarify how and when to leave
    Players can no longer be attacked while teleporting
    Players can no longer initiate another teleport while teleporting
    Teleport cinematic while destination world is loading



    All player ships should now be inhabited by a non-combat pet corresponding to the character’s race, in one of a wide variety of color options
    Pets will investigate held items and various ship objects
    Pets can be fed and will develop preferences for certain foods
    Terramart now sells several pet-related items
        Food Bowl to keep your pet fed while you’re busy adventuring
        Pet Ball for your pets to play with
        Pet House for your pets to sleep in adorably


    Ancient Gates now have another destination, a huge and ancient ruin
    Gives a few clues about Starbound’s overarching plot… so mysterious!


    NPCs and ground monsters now jump accurately and reliably find paths across complex terrain
    NPCs and ground monsters are much better at avoiding and escaping liquids
    NPCs and ground monsters should become stuck MUCH less often


Screenshot 2015-04-21 13.53.03


    Can be found underground on Radioactive worlds
    Includes various unique items and a new furniture set


    Reworked Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch and Hylotl name generators to be much less (but still a little bit) silly.
    Changes to melee weapon responsiveness, damage sounds and visual feedback. Lots more of this coming in a future update!
    Ranged weapons now have varying accuracy depending on the weapon type, quality and rate of fire
    Player energy now refills much more rapidly and has a shorter delay before regenerating
    Various improvements to server architecture which should greatly improve server performance and stability
    Various improvements to internal handling of Lua API calls which should greatly reduce CPU usage, particularly in areas with many monsters or NPCs
    Many small improvements and fixes to objects throughout the game, including updating 3d printing costs in preparation for future additions to the game’s economy
    Scroll bars can now be clicked and dragged properly
    Fixed several bugs with codexes. Codexes are now retained across universes. Existing players will, unfortunately, have their codexes reset.
    Moons are now generated with solid cores to help avoid falling out the bottom
    Several improvements to grass placement, also add underground ceiling grasses to several biomes
    Fix bug where music volume changed in combat
    Several small improvements to AI interface
    Removed the annoying levitation status from random status pods
    Added extra functionality to the “test” Json Patch operation (supports “inverse” tests and existence test through omitting “value”).
    Added optimizations and cyrillic character fixes for Hobo font. Thanks to user dsp2003 for this fix!


Existing characters and universes are safe (aside from the codexes and home planet, as listed above). However, a few of these changes may require a new universe or new planets to take effect. Hope you all enjoy the changes, and for those of you playing on the Unstable branch, let us know if you find any bugs or have other feedback!

Gaming News / Real men play Doom!
« on: May 02, 2015, 02:49:13 PM »

GTA V + Online / My GTA V SP Adventures
« on: May 02, 2015, 02:48:01 PM »
GTA V With a Racing Wheel - Racing and win 1st place ;P

Minecraft / Feed the Beast (Mod Pack)
« on: May 02, 2015, 02:29:41 PM »
Official Site link:

Mod Packs

Feed The Beast offers many different styles of modpacks to the community, catering to all tastes. From FTB’s Monster and the Direwolf20 pack catering to all round play to more focused packs like Tech and Magic world.  We also host some of the best 3rd party packs ever made including Agrarian Skies, BloodNBones, Crash Landing and many more.  You can find more details on some of our packs here or on the launcher.


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