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  • GTA 5 Mod – Smartphone Expansion

GTA 5 Mod – Smartphone Expansion

Here is a list of mods I made for GTA 5 back when it came out on PC. You can customize your phone with many new UI’s and skins. DOWNLOAD…

Grove Fallout 4 Mods

Here is a list of Grove of Darkness Fallout 4 mods made by Tarhumuk. These were made years ago but have been downloaded thousands of times. You can find them…

Grove COOP Server in Minecraft 2013

Tar, Tinker, Marahet, and Ilona play Minecraft back in 2013, learned how to make a nether portal, a twilight portal and blew some stuff up with TNT. Enjoy a classic…

Grove of Darkness Reborn! – Brand New Site

The Grove of Darkness is reborn from the ashes & rebranded as a gaming news / community. We still have the old forums but they will possibly be replaced. We…

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