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Month: September 2020

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  • Cyberpunk 2077: Life Paths

Cyberpunk 2077: Life Paths

Cyberpunk 2077 – LIFE PATHS: Nomad, Street Kid, Corpo Cyberpunk 2077 has 3 life paths that serve as the back story of your character (Nomad, Street Kid, Corpo. Your life…

PlayStation 5 Hardware Reveal and Specs

Design & Controller The PlayStation 5 Hardware Reveal is here, and everyone is calling it a WiFi router. They are releasing two versions, a Blu-Ray version and a disc-less digital-only…

Grove Empyrion gameplay 2015

Some gameplay of Empyrion from 2015, not really that exciting footage but I needed to get it rendered. The next video will showcase the new update and plenty of cool…

Microsoft Xbox to purchase Zenimax and Bethesda

As of September 21st Microsoft is set to purchase Zenimax Studios and Bethesda for $7.5 Billion. Microsoft will now have multiple studios under them thanks to the acquisition. This will…

Grove Grand Theft Auto 5: 2015

Watchdogs PVP and Single Player

Classic Watchdogs 1 gameplay with some PVP and a little single player. This video also showcases Tarhumuks’ mod for Watchdogs: Droid X UI https://www.nexusmods.com/watchdogs/mods/28/ Please subscribe on Youtube

Starbound BETA, the early days Grove

Starbound BETA, the early days Grove footage. Starbound is by far one of the best Indie titles ever made. Chucklefish did an amazing job at crafting a Star Trek style…

Grove COOP Server in Minecraft 2013

Tar, Tinker, Marahet, and Ilona play Minecraft back in 2013, learned how to make a nether portal, a twilight portal and blew some stuff up with TNT. Enjoy a classic…

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Grove COOP

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition COOP with Tar and Ilona. Taking out the orcs and the Ogre in the cave at the beginning of the game can be a pretty tough…

Gardenium Terrarium for iOS & Android

Gardenium Terrarium allows you to grow beautiful 3D succulents and plants in your own magical terrarium. Shrink down, go inside and watch them grow in almost real-time, each plant animates…

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