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Shadowrun classics – Sega & SNES



Oct 9, 2020

Today in light of Cyberpunk 2077 coming out, we take a look at the Shadowrun classics, the Cyberpunk game that started it all in the RPG genre of Cyberpunk games. When it comes to playing classic Shadowrun, it’s best to play both the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo versions due to the fact that they are not the same game. The Sega version is action based combat with an Orthogonal graphics style. The SNES version is turn based with Isometric graphic style.

Sega Version

In The Sega Genesis version you play as Joshua and can choose three different classes: Samurai, Decker, and Gator Shaman. The Samurai is a combat driven class, the Decker gets a head start in hacking into the Matrix, and the Shaman is not very good with hacking but can do some magic. It seems Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2077 have one thing in common with the classes, in that there are only three. The art style is top down orthogonal and action based combat. The world map is huge and is considered the best of the classic Shadowrun games. The Genesis version is more like the pen and paper table top experience.

Super Nintendo Version

The Super Nintendo version is a Isometric top down art style, and much different than the Sega version. The game has a mouse to click things and feels more like a PC game than a SNES game. The Super Nintendo mouse should’ve been a feature for the game. It appears the character Jake is forced into one class unlike the Sega version that allows you to choose from three classes.

The matrix system is not as cool looking as the Genesis version but the fact that it’s top down is interesting.


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