• Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Empyrion, A Great Space Sim


I wanted to take the time to talk about an under rated space builder sim. Empyrion Galactic Survival is a great game mainly because the team Eleon Game Studios actually cares about their game. With consistent updates over the years and although it is now out of Early Access, they continue to add more content and improve the game. I personally have been playing since the games release so I can safely say it has gone through a ton of reiterations to get it where it is today. The graphics have improved dramatically over the years but with that came the price of a more demanding rig needed to play it.

Empyrion is like Minecraft in space, however the terrain is fully rendered and the only blocks are the building parts. Like most space sims you gather resources to build a base then eventually things like a hover car and then a Space vessel to get into space and build a space base. You can then make a “mothership” or Large Vessel and travel far out into the Galaxy which has plenty of “Point of Interests” and space battles. The thing that is good about it though is mining for resources gets much easier over time, and the grind goes down, so your not spending all your time mining, and you can then spend more time building.

One of the coolest things they added in recent times is Gas Giants, and teleporters, both making the game much more interesting than before. However 1.7 drops some incredible things like a new deco system, crouching is finally added, new realistic water and grass, and much more check out the update log for more info

I encourage everyone who loves space games/sims to pick this one up since it is only $19.99 on STEAM and a few of us are now playing.



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