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PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X Launch Disaster

Theft, Scalpers, … Cat Food!

The new consoles launch are a complete and utter disaster just like 2020. Seems no matter where you look the scalpers have run bots (Software that allows you to buy up the systems automatically) everywhere to snag them up, then post them for as high as $1,800 on Ebay. PlayStation 5 seems to be more sought after however the issue pertains to Xbox Series X as well. Possibly the worst issue is the fact that employees of Amazon and FedEx seem to be stealing the systems.

In the UK you have Amazon sending cat food instead of PS5’s. You have one scalper that was doxxed and robbed.
Stock of PlayStation 5 is completely sold out, possibly a shortage until April 2021. Target puts a label on the shipped package that says what kind of console it is. Some of the next gen consoles are bricking , crashing, and the OS is bugging out. The quick resume feature on Xbox Series X seems to cause crashing, as well as playing certain games like Call of Duty: Cold War.

When you add all of this nonsense up it becomes clear that you should NEVER buy a console at launch. I know many people want to be an early adopter and those people will always exist but think about the 9th Gen console disaster of 2020 before you buy anything shiny and new again. Personally I will be buying a PS5 when they finally have enough 9th gen games on it. As it stands my PC is powerful enough so I’m happy for now.

You can always get into retro gaming consoles since you will never have to deal with this type of insanity. Modern gaming machines are amazing, but they clearly have their own set of issues with them.

Some Videos that explain everything going on:

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