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Gardenium Terrarium for iOS & Android



Sep 9, 2020
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Gardenium Terrarium allows you to grow beautiful 3D succulents and plants in your own magical terrarium. Shrink down, go inside and watch them grow in almost real-time, each plant animates over time as it grows. Water them, fertilize them, and protect them from bug invasions! Things like fireflies and amazing props allow for very exciting and detailed customization. If you’re looking for a zen and relaxing builder sim then this game is definitely for you!

Future content will add many new items to build as well as new biomes/environments to add to your Terrariums!

Please refer to the latest game update HERE


Check out the Gardenium Terrarium Game Web page here

Gardenium Terrarium has fair priced in-app-purchases available, and nearly 0 micro transactions. This is definitely a great game to sit back and relax to after a along day at work or in between breaks!

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Grow fully animated succulents & plants in HD, that grow over time all for free!

Making sure the plants are watered gives you many rewards and Experience points to level up with

Build your terrarium the way you want with sticks, stones, moss, props and more!

Place many things like fireflies, prop packs, etc.

Choose your container for your Terrariums

Buy new items and plants at the in-game store

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