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Grove of Darkness Reborn! – Brand New Site



Sep 8, 2020

The Grove of Darkness is reborn from the ashes & rebranded as a gaming news / community. We still have the old forums but they will possibly be replaced. We will get our discord linked to the home page soon. Joining the community side (aka forums) will take place in Discord first then we will make you an account to post.

The site will now focus on posting solid gaming news, reviews, modding news, and game development news. You can expect to see our own mods as well. When it comes to game development we will be posting info on game dev tools, engines, sound design and music. Retro games like Super Nintendo , Sega Genesis, Commodore 64 will be covered as well. Lastly we will be getting back to posting on Youtube and Twitch again with pod casts and lets plays!

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